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There are many beach resorts in Tioman island. Finding a suitable resorts becomes a problem when you are spoilt of choices.

Here you will be able to find different resorts from Tioman island. Every resort is unique, so I hope you can find enough information here to help you plan for your trip.

Choosing a resort is important as it can decide how much as you enjoy. A decent resort can make your entire vacation will be happy ending one, makes you recharged, so much so it is like an escape to paradise!

Imagine staying at a resort which is dirty, poor amenities, noisy and tons of bugs are scaring you, mosquitoes sucking your blood while you are trying hard to sleep. How would you feel for the trip? Not so good right?


What is your budget?

If you are budget conscious then maybe a standard chalet is good for you. If you want to lower the room cost even further, get a 3 more friend, so you can get the price of Adult Quad and it can save you about $20, the cost of your dinner. Opt for Coach and ferry via Singapore instead of flight to save further more.

Bare in mind that, you may need to pay surcharge for the weekends, school holiday and public holiday. Do verify with your travel agency as this could make a different in how much more you pay.

Do check which dates are public holidays before you book, it is very important especially for budget conscious travelers, you don’t want to exceed your budget, right?

If you have a bigger budget, perhaps a resort with golf course may suit you.

Balance between quality and cost, after all you are going there to have fun!

Check your exchange rate. (estimated)



How many people are you going with?

The more friend you go with, the more you save. The principle does applies in choosing a resort as well. If you are going with many people you might want to rent a villa, which is pretty cool with the sea view and private steps down the beach at secluded veranda.

What are you planning to do there?
Most common activities at Tioman Island would be snorkeling. Try out their local delicacies such as Ramly burger, Ice-kachang, Sambal seafood etc.

Other activities such as trekking to waterfall, diving is pretty fun too, otherwise snorkelling occupy one day. My suggestion is to take 3Days and 2 Night getaway trip would be sufficed. Not much of a nightlife there… but having a great company could turn the night atmosphere around.

Tioman Island is for budget conscious travelers, people who need a short getaway from city, people who enjoy marine and tropical life. Some popular resorts are Berjaya Tioman Resort, Paya Beach Resort and Japamala Resort.

Planning your Tioman Travel? Let me tell you when is the best season to visit Tioman.

tioman beach resort view


Did you know?
Tioman Island is the resting place of a beautiful dragon princess. While she was flying from China to visit her prince in Singapore, this maiden stopped by the South China Sea to rest.

She was then captivated by the charms of the place, so she decided to stop her journey by taking the appearance of an island, she pledged to offer comfort and shelter to passing voyagers.


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Tiring of reading about Tioman? Sit back and relax, let the video do the work for you.

Check out this Tioman video done by ndtv.com featuring Tioman island.

Overview: They interviewed some tourists over there and showed some activities that you can do in Tioman and yes… Berjaya Resort’s Senior Manager Michael was interviewed in there too.

Video: What makes Tioman Island so special


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